Miracle Envelope & Specialty Papers

Envelopes by Finish and Color

25% Cotton Envelopes

25% cotton are watermarked envelopes with a quality, acid-free archival paper.

Black Envelopes

Our startling black envelopes are made with a smooth or linen finish.

Board Mailers

A protective, stiff, paperboard construction is the Board Mailer's most distinctive feature.

Bright Color Envelopes

Bright colors are eye catching and available in several styles with matching letterhead as well as acid-free archival strength.

Classic Crest Envelopes

Establish your business image with an envelope made of Classic Crest. To complete your image, matching business card stock is also available. All envelopes are acid-free for long term storage.

Classic Linen Envelopes

Linen paper envelopes have a raised finish which simulates woven cloth. Not only available in several envelope styles, linen paper is also available in matching business card stock.

Foil Lined Envelopes

Foil lined envelopes are made with an inside coating of your choice of red, silver, or gold foil. Paper color choices include white, cream, classic crest, and classic linen.

Metallic Envelopes

Metallic envelopes feature unique pearlescent metallic colors, and for a elegant look get matching text and cover sheets.

Pastel Colored Envelopes

Pasted colored envelopes are available in the Prism Pastel Line which are acid-free and available in envelopes and letterhead.

Recycled Envelopes

For the environmentally aware, we offer envelopes in the archival quality, specifically Speckled Envelopes, Neenah Environment, and Recycled White paper lines as well as

Speckled Envelopes

Our speckled envelopes are offered in warm colors for a classy look. All are acid-free and recycled.

Translucent Envelopes / Vellum Envelopes

Translucent envelopes, sometimes called vellum envelopes, allow your recipient to see your content to great effect.

Tyvek Envelopes

For a strong and virtually tear-proof envelope; Nothing surpasses a Tyvek Product.